Gringolandia Ep4 Brazil

Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, but is it considered a LatinX country? In this episode, we put on the spotlight major points of division and unity between the Brazilian and the LatinX community. With our two guests we speak about the past and the present to help us understand what makes Brazil so unique in comparison to the rest of the Latinoamericanos.

¡Bienvenidos to Gringolandia Chats! The show where we discuss all about the Latinx experiences here at New College of Florida and Beyond. We’ll be talking with multiple Latinx students about various topics seeking to promote visibility, diversity, and connection in our community. This podcast is brought to you by Latinx faculty members and students from New College of Florida. 

Host: Liz Mena. 

Producers: Liz Mena, José Martínez and Hugo Viera-Vargas

Music and Editing: José Martínez.

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